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Will Sheila’s past keep her from her future?


The brightest victories often hide in the darkest places. For investment banker, Sheila, her daily struggle lies in resisting the influence of her auditory hallucinations, even while they keep her from what she wants most—a relationship with the strong, kind friend from work, Jonathan.

The voices that haunt Sheila keep her from the life she dreams of: a life of success, of friendship, of deep and lasting love.

To overcome her condition, Sheila must trace the root of her illness—a secret embedded in a childhood she cannot remember. Will her faith and love be strong enough to last the journey?

“A debut novel analyzes how the mind processes childhood trauma and examines its effects.” —Kirkus Reviews

“In her energetic series opener, Foster certainly delivers an intriguing premise and addresses timely and important issues.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A psychological tale with a messy plot.” —Kirkus Reviews